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why men lie

If you keep wondering why men lie, read this post to know more about their reasons and how to avoid this issue and how to get him to open up and speak the truth. For most women “honesty” is one of the most important traits they are looking for in a man. If you ask a woman about the qualities she wants in her man “funny” would be the first and “honest” would be the second answer you will probably get. To many women, trust is a very important component of their relationship with the man they love. If a woman totally trusts her man then most of her relationship issues will not be there. That being said, in real life men lie, women lie too but a lot less frequent than men. When men lie they lie for reasons that are so much different than the reasons women think they lie for. If women know why men lie, this might help discover the deceptive men so they can stay away from them (these are the men that lie intentionally for bad reasons). Another good reason for women to know the reasons that lead men to lying (the white lies) is that when you discover the reasons behind a lie you will feel a lot more secure in your relationship. Read the following most common reasons to why men lie.

  • He is trying to dodge a bullet (avoid hurting you):

    Let’s say he is picking you up to go out together and you ask him that question dreaded by all men “Do I look fat in this dress?”, what do you expect his answer will be? He tries to dodge the bullet by lying, In fact, it really doesn’t matter what his answer might be, it is enough that he is with you; this means that he thinks you are beautiful and attractive enough in his eyes with this dress or any other one. This is a point that most women tend to forget.

  • He’s just not into you that much anymore:

    This is the worst reason of them all because it means your man is falling out of love. If he’s traveling to NY for a business meeting and you ask him to call you as soon as he lands and he says in a somehow loud pitch voice that he can’t call you because he’s not sure he’ll “even” have time before the meeting starts. If this or something of that sort happens repeatedly this is a clue that he does not love you as much as before anymore and maybe it’s time that you let go of this relationship.

  • His ego is fragile:

    This reason stands behind many lies men tell. He has a big but fragile ego. He feels he is too embarrassed to tell you his true feelings, he thinks that if he shows how he really feels this will affect what you think of him. How many times have you heard about a man losing his job but still every day goes out “to work” on his regular time so that he doesn’t tell his woman that he lost his job. Men usually have big egos and they tend to use lies when they don’t want to expose their true feelings or are embarrassed to show how they truly feel.

  • He is trying to get out of something:

    Men usually lie to avoid having to do something they don’t want to do this can be avoiding moving to a higher level of commitment with you, a chore around the house or even a new project at work. Women also use lies when they are in similar situations. Have you ever used the “I have a headache and I must sleep early tonight!” excuse? Does this ring any bells?

  • He really thinks telling you the truth will turn you into a psycho chick:

    The reason for this crazy idea is that he might have had a bad experience with some other woman before you, and this just affected his perception of all women. This reason tends to be a common reason why women lie to men as well. How many times have you referred to someone you once dated as a stalker or psycho? This is because you have had a bad experience with some men so you think most men are like that, so you can’t blame him for thinking the same. You can avoid this situation by having a cool attitude and being calm all the time and never acting as a psycho chick. When he sees this chances are he will be more open to being honest with you.

  • He wants to boost his ego:

    This reason is responsible for most of the lies he lies in the presence of other men, and when women are around the lies become bigger and bigger. This goes back to the primate need of puffing himself up against other males. He might say things like “She couldn’t keep her hands off me” or “I’m that close to closing a million dollar deal at work this week” things of that sort. If you’re out having dinner with a couple you know and you suddenly hear him talking about the 100 pushups he does every day and you are wondering why he is saying this when he hasn’t done any exercise for over a year! This is the reason why he is saying this; he is inflating his ego another big reason why men lie.

  • He can get away with his lie:

    When men know they can get away with a lie and that this lie might help them build up their ego, they usually tend to take this chance. For instance if he tells you that he was the star of the football team back at high school, he has a chance to boost his ego in front of you and he’s sure you will not go back checking so; he lies because he knows he will get away with it and it won’t hurt anybody! Another big reason to why men lie.

In conclusion, if you think his big lies or his little white lies are a good reason to start a fight, remember that this is exactly what he was trying to avoid. Men usually lie for self-preservation and usually they are trying to avoid hurting your feelings or they are afraid that you can turn crazy when the truth comes out. Keep in mind that men are not in touch with their emotions as women are; that’s why men lie, it’s not easy for them to open up and speak the truth. Though you deserve the truth, so when you know his reasons for twisting the truth and you always keep calm when the truth comes out, you will be making it much easier for him in the future to be willing to give you the honest truth you want to hear. You might want to read my article why didn’t he call me or how to make him love you.

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