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why didn't he call me

One question that comes into any woman’s mind after going out with a man is “ Why didn’t he call me back?”, “Will he ever call me?”, “He said he would call me! Why didn’t he call me?”

Well, there are an infinite number of answers to the “Why didn’t he call me?” or “why didn’t he text me?” infamous question but, some are much more probable than others. Each man has his own answer to these questions. Some men have obvious reasons while others have reasons that make no sense what so ever to any woman! In this article I’ll try to explain to you their reasons that don’t make sense to us women so that you can understand why he didn’t call. So you can maybe avoid the disappointment next time or address his fear so he is more accepting to the idea of calling you depending on his reason.

Here are some of men’s reasons for not calling you back:

He was too drunk to remember when he told you he would call. Men are usually busy with lots of things going on in their life, especially regarding their work and it happens that they sometimes forget that they’ve told someone they have just met that they would call her. But, if they really like this “someone” they will usually remember and eventually call her after a few days. So don’t worry if he really really likes you, he will eventually give you a call, even if he takes some time to come around.

He is seeing somebody else or has had a change of heart. Sometimes the reason he doesn’t give you a call is that he is not just that into you! It’s something we hope wouldn’t happen but in real life it does actually happen. Usually this happens early in the relationship, like if you just have met him in a bar and never heard from him again. He might have been too drunk that night to remember that he already had a girlfriend. Or maybe he just changed his mind and decided that he didn’t like you that much. As sad as this might sound, but it actually happens sometimes!

He actually can’t call you back. If this is the case, he will have a true reason that prevented him from calling you back. He might be really busy at work, had to travel away for some time, has a medical emergency… etc. If this is the case and you have been in this relationship for a few months or have gone out for a couple of dates, He will definitely call you back as soon as he has dealt with whatever it is that has been preventing him from giving you a call. If you have been involved with him for some time now and you’re wondering why didn’t he call me, this is probably the reason why.

He doesn’t want to seem too desperate. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why men don’t call back as fast as you would like them to. This usually happens at the beginnings of a relationship. He doesn’t want to look too eager as if he has nothing else on his mind but dating you. So, he doesn’t call you right away, but most times he will call after sometime. One main reason that men do this is that they like to think they are “in control” of the chase. Some of them don’t even do it consciously, but this is how they are wired. Women like to “play hard to get” and men like to “be in control”. That’s just how things are! They want to call on their terms when the time is right for them. So if you are wondering why didn’t he call me right away, he might be waiting for the right time for him to call.

He is trying to find out how much he likes you. This is the case when you have been dating for a short while and are moving to the next level in your relationship. When he doesn’t call, he is trying to figure out how much he likes you, he wants to see if he doesn’t speak to you how will he feel. He is trying to know if he doesn’t have you in his life what this will make him feel like. If he likes you, he’ll miss you and call you soon.

He wants to feel free. This is the case when you are in a long-term relationship like long-term couples, engagement or marriage. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s on a short leash, he wants to feel the freedom of single-hood occasionally, and doesn’t like that he has to check in every now and then. So, if this is your case let him feel free and don’t chase him by your calls.

Something is upsetting him. If you have been involved with him for a short while, then out of a sudden he doesn’t call you and goes off the radar, then he is probably upset of something. Have you had a fight recently? Did you do or say something that might have upset him even a little? Maybe even, it’s not you who has upset him; it might be something in work or life that you have nothing to do with. This does not mean the end of the relationship; it just means that he needs a little time to figure things out by himself before he can speak to you.

As you can see from all the points mentioned above, when he doesn’t call this does not mean he is just not into you. It might mean a lot of different things other than that. Women usually jump into conclusions right away and assume that if he doesn’t call; then he’s not interested, but men are much simpler than what women think. If you find yourself asking why didn’t he call me, there is always a reason behind that. If you are smart enough to understand the reason you would be able to save a relation that might turn out to be the love of your life. The bottom line is – when you find yourself wondering “why didn’t he call me?”, then remember that in most cases just giving him the space he needs without jumping down his throat about it makes you look like the cool girlfriend he is looking for. If you have good luck and he did call you back after your date and you’ve been together now for quite some time, why not read my guide about how to get him to propose.

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