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How To Win Back Your Ex

If you have experienced a breakup before you know that you most probably have thought about how to win back your ex, this is such a normal reaction that most women go through. When a woman breaks up she starts to feel a lot of grief, heartbreak and experiences many mixed up emotions. She thinks that the only way to end this is to get him back so that all this pain will end and things will go back as usual.

Don’t lose hope if your relationship has lost its spark or you want to win back your ex because I have some simple steps that you can follow in order to get your ex back. By following these simple tips you can get him back and he will be even more committed than before. So, here’s how to do it.

Tip 1: Make him miss you.

If you want to win back to your ex, the surefire way to do this is to make him feel how much he misses you. If you can get him to miss you then he will long for you, which in turn makes it much easier for him to pick up the phone and give you a call. So the target now is to get him to miss you and you can’t achieve this target if you keep bombarding him with your text messages and bumping into him “accidentally”. Leave him alone and stop begging him to get back to you! The best way to make him miss you is to apply the no-contact rule, this is the number 1 step suggested by all relationship experts to women who want to get their ex back.

Tip 2: Agree and acknowledge his step.

Acknowledge and agree to his step of breaking up, leave him a little note telling him that his decision of breaking up with you is a good decision and that you agree with him. He expects you to lose your temper and start acting like a psycho, giving him justification to his breakup with you. When your reaction is the exact opposite of what he expects, he will start having doubts about his decision. When you leave him a note wishing him the best of luck in his future and walk away ( remember the no-contact rule I’ve mentioned) he will start having second thoughts and think maybe he shouldn’t have let you go after all.

Tip 3: Focus on the bigger picture.

Focus on what you will gain instead of focusing on what you have lost. Think of this as break period. A time to restart for both of you, a time to discover each other again so that when you get back together you will both have grown and have so much more to give to each other.

Tip 4: Live your life to the fullest as you, not as a part of a couple!

One mistake that most women fall in is that they live their life as a couple not as full as they would live it when they are single. This makes their partner feel great pressure because he feels that he is the only thing that makes her happy. As sweet as this might sound, this puts tremendous pressure on the shoulders of your partner. This might even be the exact reason why he broke up with you in the first place. You made him feel that it is his responsibility to always make you happy and that puts too much pressure on him. When you create a great life for yourself, this sends your partner a message that the pressure of your happiness doesn’t all fall on his shoulders.

Tip 5: Get back to the “just-met-him” mindset.

One mistake that many women who are trying to win their ex back fall in is that they start at the point of the breakup. This mindset makes things worse because it will remind him of the breakup reasons and the pain associated with it. The correct way to approach this is to start fresh as if you just met him and are starting to date. You should always look hot, stay mysterious and impress him like someone you’ve just started to date so that he will want you back in his life.

Tip 6: Fix what was broken.

Sometimes you know the reason of the breakup. If this is the case, you should fix whatever reason that caused this breakup whether it’s in you or in your life because fixing this sends your partner a message saying that you are serious about keeping him in your life.

Tip 7: Use your common past to your favor.

If you have successfully gone through the no contact period, then he has already started to miss you. The following step is to tease him using the common history you had together by making him remember how wonderful it was having you. Write him a little note saying that you saw something that reminded you of a special sweet memory when the two of you were together, end the note with a pressure-free “I hope everything is going on fine, see you!”, this reminds him of the sweet times you spent together and tells him that you are thinking about him, but aren’t holding him up to anything. This will make him miss you even more than he already does after the no contact period.

In conclusion, knowing how to win back your ex is a lot easier than you think. That’s because dating someone whom you have already dated is easy as you already have chemistry, history and affection to build on. You already know what he doesn’t like and what he likes, you even know why you broke up, so use this knowledge to make him miss you, these are your most valuable assets to make him get back to you more committed than before. You might also like to read why men lie and how to make him love you.

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