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how to make him love you

If you are wondering how to make him love you, I want to tell you I have an answer to your question. Everybody knows that you can’t force anyone to love you although you can create a relationship that will encourage him to love you just as you love him. Are you trying to take your relationship to the next level but don’t want to scare him off by pressuring him? Do you feel that you have finally met Mr. Right and you are waiting for him to tell you those 3 words you want to hear? Have you been dating a man for quite a long time now and you still don’t know exactly what you are to him? Continue reading to find out exactly how to use some simple emotional triggers in your favor to make him love you .

  • Take the initiative every now and then:

    Most men don’t go after women that they think are hard to get, so go after him just a little and he will start thinking about you and falling for you faster because as much as enjoys the excitement of chasing you he would love it if you go after him just a little bit. Not only will you be taking some pressure off him, but you will also be boosting his ego, and that is something all men like because they tend to have a big ego. Just be careful not to overdo it, you don’t want him to feel like you are stalking him because this might backfire.

  • Boost his ego:

    As absurd as this might seem to you, it actually works and on both genders. Think of yourself as an example, you would definitely prefer to be around people who compliment you and make you feel important to them than to be around people who don’t, right. You would love to hear that you are nice or beautiful from those around you and he would like the same to. Every time you meet him think of a nice compliment to tell him, for example you can tell him that he looks handsome today or that you love the color of this shirt on him, something that looks appropriate and sounds genuine and then reciprocate a compliment for every one he gives you. This won’t sound fake if it’s coming from your heart, appropriate and not too much. It’s kind of an art so try to practice it. If you do it regularly, this will boost his ego and make him want to be around you more and more.

  • Be easygoing:

    One of the most important traits that a man looks for in his girlfriend is that she is easy to be around. If you keep chasing him by phone to ask about how he is or what he’s doing, you’ll scare him off and he will feel you are stalking him. You are not going to look like the cool easygoing girlfriend that he wants. Even if you are beautiful he’s going to choose the easygoing cool girl over the Barbie girl.

  • Be open:

    Again, if you are occupied with playing hard to get and making him chase you around so hard, he’ll probably feel you are out of his league and just lose interest. Because as I’ve said, men won’t open up and tell you “I love you” unless they are quite sure you’re interested in them as much. How many times have you seen a guy that is crazy about a girl but he just won’t go and tell her because he thinks she is out of his reach? If you’re not a sure thing; then he won’t pursue you. This is considered the hardest step to fall in love, but once he’s certain about you he will definitely make his move.

  • Always smell great:

    For all humans the smell system is connected to the feeling system in their brains, that’s why every time you smell a certain smell this triggers certain feelings, like for instance if you smell hot cookies baking you get that warm fuzzy feeling that reminds you of your grandma and the nice times you spent baking with her as a child. So if every time he sees you, you smell wonderful this will trigger a much stronger feeling and response, than if you only looked great because unlike looks, whenever he smells these scents even if you aren’t around this will trigger thoughts about you and he will think of you right away.

  • Whisper in his ear:

    Men just love it when a woman whispers in their ears this makes them feel special; after all you’re telling him something that you don’t want anyone else to hear. When he feels special to you this triggers an emotional bonding.

  • Let him feel needed:

    When men feel needed or they are the only ones who can help, their primal instincts take over and make them be present and ready to help. Specially, if they feel needed by a certain woman, this triggers their alpha instinct and they want to be present for her. So ask him to help you out with something once in a while maybe carry something a little bit heavy, change the broken lights or my favorite open the jar trick.

So as a conclusion, the answer to your question “how to make him love you?” requires you to show some vulnerability as well as some flirts and cues well planned. Be the easygoing girlfriend that he dreams of and learn how to tap into the emotional triggers I’ve mentioned earlier and don’t forget that powerful emotional trigger that is activated by the sense of smell and not many people give pay attention to. All this will make him feel like he’s the one and only man in your life. When he is certain that you have affection for him and that you will make him feel that special to you, he cannot resist falling in love with you. You might also like to read why men lie and how to get him to propose.

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