How To Get Him To Propose And Commit?

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How to get him to propose

Today I am going to talk about the eternal question: “ how to get him to propose?” It’s a question that crosses every woman’s mind when she gets to that point in her long term relationship with the man she loves. I’m sure you ladies have stood in this position at least once in your life and wondered how to get your boyfriend to commit! It’s a natural thing to be asking yourself this question; after all you have invested much in this relationship and want to know if it is going to be taken to the next level of commitment and the most serious level of all!

Has your man been hinting to you that he wants to take it to the next level, but you aren’t seeing any follow-through? Are you sure at the bottom of your heart that he is “the one” perfect for you but you are not completely sure about where he stands?

You want to know how to get a man to propose without putting too much pressure on him, right? Because certainly pressure is the last thing he needs if you are waiting for him to take this big step. Follow my tips below to help him take this scary leap with no pressure from you at all.

  • Check his readiness:

    You cannot make a man propose to you if marriage isn’t even on his radar. In order to know how he feels about this, drop subtle hints about marriage. For example, you can talk about famous long term couples and talk about the kind of guy you want to marry in the future. You can also mention that a friend of yours just got engaged or just got married. Don’t do that all in one conversation, but rather spread it over different times. You just need to show him that this is on your mind and that you want it to be on his mind too. But the main key here is to do it subtly and with no pressure.

  • Show your readiness:

    If he is thinking about proposing, he needs to know your readiness too. So save him the trouble and Show him that you are ready for this step as much as he is. He won’t ask you to marry him if he is not sure where you stand on this matter. It’s just like if a man wants to ask a girl out, he is not going to do it if he isn’t sure that she would probably say yes. So, it’s not enough to know his readiness you need to show him that you are ready too. Just do it in subtle way without beating him over the head with it. Again the last thing you need is to put pressure on him.

  • Cook him a nice dinner:

    As cliché as this may sound, but when your man walks into your home and smells the great smells from the dinner you cooked for him, he subconsciously starts to picture that in his future life with you. Glamour magazine published a recipe back in 2003 that they called “Engagement Chicken” and as reported by them according to Wikipedia the magazine stated that 70 couples have married after the women served “Engagement Chicken” to their boyfriends. After all what’s the worst that could happen? You may end up burning the chicken; and you find yourselves laughing it off in a restaurant and he will love you even more for trying that hard for him. Sounds to me as a win-win situation so go ahead bake him that chicken.

  • Actions speak louder than words:

    Be there for him when he needs you just like a wife would be there for her husband. When his grandma is in the hospital, send food to family members who are busy with her and maybe make some phone calls that he needs to be done. Show up and help him when his car breaks down. Buy Christmas presents for his nephews when he forgets. Be thoughtful, if he has a rough day at work call him or text him and ask how he’s feeling. You need to show him that you would be a great wife before he even thinks about popping the question.

  • Pull him out of his comfort zone:

    According to Bob Grant, relationship guru and the author of The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave, says that men want women who challenge them every once in a while. This shows him that you are valuable and that you’re not going to settle for any man and that you are really waiting for “the one” and that he is “that one”. So stick to your opinions, even if he doesn’t totally agree with them.

  • Express how you feel without being too desperate:

    This is one of the most important arts that you will have to master. Let him know what you want next but without being too eager and without nagging about it. Be careful not to pressure him because this will give an opposite effect.

  • Address his concerns:

    Assure him that you know and understand his fears. Because he will not commit a life-long commitment with you unless he knows he is good enough for you. Treat his issues as you would like him to treat yours. When he realizes that you love him just the way he is, he will love you more and more in return.

Bottom line here, if you are looking for a quick surefire way for how to get him to commit, well the best way is to be the woman whom he would never want to leave. And you could simply be that woman by showing him that you would be a valuable wife and that you are ready for a commitment and capable of facing life obstacles with him. One additional key to my “ how to get him to propose ” list is to do all the above mentioned without letting him feel any pressure. If you are still starting your relationship maybe you might want to read my article on why didn’t he call me.

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